Ayers - Civil Settlement $2.3 Million

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    Jury awards widow $2.3 million in pastor?s wrongful death suit | www.ajc.com

    If you read this article, expect your blood to boil:
    Another Senseless Drug War Death - Reason.com
    "The police officer who killed Ayers wasn't even authorized to be carrying a gun or a badge."

    From 18 months ago in the middle of the trial:
    Police defend killing of Baptist pastor
    "Deputy Sheriff Billy Shane Harrison and Sheriffs Randy Shirley and Joey Terrell filed an appeal June 13 asking the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Gainesville, Ga., to dismiss a civil lawsuit filed by the widow of Jonathan Ayers, the 28-year-old pastor of Shoals Creek Baptist Church in Lavonia, Ga., fatally shot by Harrison in a gas-station parking lot in nearby Toccoa on Sept. 1, 2009."

    Home - Jonathan Ayers
    [UPDATE] Rev. Jonathan Ayers Shot by Police in Georgia Drug Sting - True Crime Report - Strange But True Crime Stories from Across America.
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    the police and the government really dont care about losing lawsuits.....they just pay out millions in taxpayer dollars.

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