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WTS OR AXTS AA EVO Piston AR15 (revised)

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by my65swede, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. my65swede

    my65swede Beaverton Oregon Active Member

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    Let's try this again from a little different angle. The pictures are not an accurate representation of the color (it's a good match for the mag's and is a bit more green). I value the rifle at$2000. ( more was invested) You can buy it outright or we can make a trade deal that's good for both of us.

    I would be interested in trading for another AR15 (Standard configuration, possibly MOE) + a 9mm semi auto handgun. The deal needs to come close to my cash value and reasonable. I won't trade you for a $600AR15 + a $400 handgun. Ammo, 9mm or 5.56 added to the deal could make a difference. Example: Sig patrol, Sig 556, Daniel Defense MOE etc. + XD, XDM, SIG, HK, maybe Walther:confused: (no glocks :mad:) 9mm etc, + ammo + another rifle or cash if necessary. Please don't ask to trade bolt guns, lever action or revolvers.

    Don't let my descriptions lead you to believe I'm a jerk, I'm actually pretty flexible. I have 100% positive feedback and I never sell junk. I've just had some crazy offers in the past and while they might have had value, I don't need things like six guns, a 1987 Remington 700 or a used car. o_O This is a beautiful rifle and one that you need to see to appreciate.

    All that you see listed below is included. The Vortex Sparc, 1.5-5x magnifier, the Larue mount, 7 Lancer L5AWM FDE translucent mags and one matching 5 round Magpul hunting mag. If interested PM me or call/text Jim @ 503-828-2717


    100% ambi billet AX556 lower receiver
    Battle Arms Development ~ BADASS Ambi safety lever(45 degree).
    Custom 4lb trigger 100% reliable with military ammo.
    Billet Rainier Arms upper receiver
    Magpul ACS stock
    Magpul MBUS gen II sights
    Magpul XTM enhanced hand stop
    Magpul MOE Grip
    FAB Defense PLS1 flashlight and mount (300 lumen and IR bulb included)
    Vortex NV capable 2 MOA red dot with killflash
    1.5-5X magnifier with QD flip to side mount.
    Samson EVO 9" Ext handguard
    Rare Gov't contract light medium mid length CHF barrel (FNUSA) Double crome lined 1/7 twist. (you cannot buy this barrel any longer) FN says it will go 20,000 rds and 1/2 moa @100 meters when set up properly. (it is)
    YHM Phantom flash hider
    Adams Arms lite piston system
    2nd Amendment engraved dust cover
    All alluminum parts are molybendium coated including the barrel (no need to oil any external parts)
    Bolt is matched and head spaced
    Carrier and piston parts are proprietary self lubricating black hard coating
    Color: PTFE infused Springfield XD dark earth inside and out.

    Round count: Test fired/not zero'd

    DSCN0426 (800x416).jpg

    DSCN0428 (800x600).jpg

    DSCN0422 (800x391).jpg

    DSCN0431 (800x319).jpg

    DSCN0424 (800x328).jpg

    DSCN0429 (800x600).jpg
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2014
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  2. my65swede

    my65swede Beaverton Oregon Active Member

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    Wow, not even a like? :(
  3. Jake8738

    Jake8738 Aberdeen WA Member

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    Very nice looking rifle!! I have owned one.
    Bigger photos help sell I am told :)
    Bump for a quality firearm
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  4. my65swede

    my65swede Beaverton Oregon Active Member

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    Thanks, problem is they're the maximum size allowed on the new forum. If anyone wants high-res I can email them.
  5. my65swede

    my65swede Beaverton Oregon Active Member

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    Nothing exciting here, I'll hang on to it.
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