Awesome deal on Canon Safe at

This is a really good deal for a big safe. They had a similar deal a couple years ago when I got my safe and I've been really happy with it. For those of you on a budget (who isn't?) Shipping cost is included!!

$799.99 Shipping Included
Cannon Safe
SC6040 Wide Body 48
Firearm Safe
585 lbs., 30 Minute Fire Protection Safe w/ Electronic Lock, 33 Cubic Ft.

Here's the link: Costco - Cannon Safe SC6040 Wide Body 48 Firearm Safe
I got one about a year ago came on a small pallet in a brown box. The guy brought right in to the garage on a pallet jack it only took two people to move it with hand truck used to move fridge. It's a nice safe a little small didn't hold as many firearms as it said filled up fast.

Burt Gummer

Used gun sales are like used guns, people are very proud of them and want top dollar. The Canon DELIVERED for $799 isn't the greatest safe but it is a **** of a deal. Look on Craiglist for an idea of what people want for their junk safes, ridiculous. At least this safe can be resold easily for $600 or so down the road.
Ths Canon Safe is $799 but comparisons against Liberty Safes or others raises some concerns. This safe is 12 guage steel and not 10. No locking bolts on the top or bottow of the door with internal hinges that the safe can only be opened to 90 degrees. Is this $799 worth it or should it be necessary to go the distance and spend more for something more substantial. Or will this do the job? This is reported to be a 48 gun safe so there are alot of assets to potentially protect. What does your research suggest or what do you all suggest. Thanks.
Anyone know why they would call that a 48 gun safe? it looks like you could get max 10 rifles in there which would leave you room for 38 hand guns? It never makes any sense how they come up with these supposed numbers
It makes perfect sense how they figure the numbers.

The ad clearly states that it will fit UP TO 48 guns.
Interior Features:

New Built in USB & RJ45 Pass though allows an external hard-drive to be easily backed up in safe.
Interior dimensions: 58 ¼" H x 38 ¼" W x 21 ½" D
Up to 48 Firearm capacity
POWER BOX- built in electrical supply power box allows instant plug in of electronics.
Automotive grade upholstered shelving and interior walls
Adjustable tracks allow shelves to be raised, lowered, or removed
Pre drilled for bolting to floor
You could do a booklet full of the different combinations of weapons that the safe will fit, and that seems to be what you'd like.
Instead of page after page of:
-This safe will accommodate 32 compact pistols, 1 large revolver, and 4 mid sized rifles
-This safe will accommodate 28 large frame revolvers, one hunting rifle, and a box of ammo
-This safe will accommodate 14 full sized pistols, 4 small rifles, 1 large rifle, and a small humidor.
-This safe will accommodate 13 small rifles, a box of primers, and a flashlight
etc etc etc.

Instead of all of that, they picked a small to standard sized weapon and calculated how many of that weapon the safe will hold.

The safe fits up to 48 guns. If you have small enough weapons, you can fit up to 48 of them inside the safe. Choosing larger weapons means less will fit.

That safe will probably accommodate 48 glock 19's with the right shelving. If you are looking for a safe to accommodate 48 ar15's with beta mags attached, you will want to look elsewhere.

To further drive this point home, i'll throw in another example.

If I have a drink refrigerator that can hold 48 12oz cans of miscellaneous drinks, It is considered a 48 drink refrigerator. Now, if someone tries to fill it with 48 mini kegs, obviously they wont fit.

Or, if we switched that around a bit and used YOUR math. If someone tried to fill my 48 drink refrigerator with 38 12oz cans and 10 mini kegs, they still wouldnt fit.
One of my "problems" is that the safe would have to go in the basement so if we ever had a fire the safe would have to take a lot of heat for a longer time. Most of the cheaper safes don't have a high enough fire rating.

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There is a guy named Charlie selling safes in Boring, Oregon, called "Mountain View Safes" 503-706-7347.
He has the best prices I have found without the fancy stenciled name across the front.

Capn Jack

I think there would be less of a problem there than in the rest of the house, as heat rises and any water would flood the basement.
It's asking for trouble to store powder and ammunition in a safe though, as you would be creating a bomb.

Burt Gummer

Snapsafe is a nice setup because installing/moving an 'assembled' safe is so difficult. It is kind of small, and at 300lbs? could be carted off by thieves. Much better than no safe at all though, that is for sure. Kudos on the marketing and the idea. Great for people that live in apts or small homes too.

Edit - since they can be bolted down I think I am sold on this for a bedroom safe - good find RB87.
Yeah, I've been looking for something smaller/portable given my current living situation. Saw the snapsafe in an issue of shotgun news.

<broken link removed> is another company I've found. They're custom order and appear to be more expensive but have bigger options too.


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