WTS WA Autographed HEAT ronin BLACKHAWK DOWN posters $200

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    Perfect for man room, shop, gun room, gun store, theater, These came out of my home theater after a remodel. these were my last 3 and favorites and good gun porn. All are framed and have a certificate of authenticity from when i bought them.

    HEAT 34"x46" custom cut overszed double mat, paid $650, signed by Robert DeNiro, Al Pachino, Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore, and Ashley Judd. Kilmer's HK91 in the middle. $300

    BLACKHAWK DOWN 28"x40" framed, paid $350, signed by Josh Hartnett, Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana, Ridley Scott, Ewan McGerggor, Tom Sizemore, Jerry Bruckheimer, and others $200

    RONIN 28x40 framed, paid $375, signed by Robert DeNiro, Sean Bean, and Jean Reno. Nice Sig 551 right on the front.

    Will take reasonable offers, no trades, will meet SE Vancouver.

    00j0j_gXe2uzZnAOG_600x450.jpg 00I0I_liQ21usKRMN_600x450.jpg 01616_c6H7xAOlF3y_600x450.jpg 00U0U_gwdCtLiwpAV_600x450.jpg 00B0B_e3ypz7qqyHu_600x450-1.jpg 00w0w_1oCUuUJnO0c_600x450.jpg
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