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    I wrote a while back about being pulled over by OSP for speeding and having the female bike cop read me the riot act on how I was to tell here immediately and show her my CHL.

    Well I am writing again to say yes, I was pulled over for speeding ......ya ya ya ...I know, slow down .....Yes you are right that's out of the way.

    So, the story goes like this. It was Saturday morning and we had just started butchering hogs when the tractor got stuck trying to get to the hog in the field. I didn't have a winch strap so I had to rush over to dads and get it while my buddy stayed in the field and tried to keep the rest of the hogs from making a break for it through the fence line where the tractor was at. I had to drive through Aumsville and get to my dads place over by the golf course. Well I stopped at First Street and Mill creek road and turned towards the golf course going east. Well the zone goes from 30 to 45 and then to 55. I was in a hurry and I stepped on it a little and was going a little faster than 45, well wouldn't you no it there by the moblie home court was one of Aumsvilles finest. Saw him and kept going and it did not appear as though he was going to follow me so I am thinking ok slow down a little, well I looked backed and here he comes. Hoping it wasn't going to be me I pulled over to let him pass but no luck he starts slowing down so I pull up the road aways to a side road and turn in so we are not on the main road. He hits the air horn a couple of times as I am doing this which I didn't understand but he clarified that shortly. So we're stopped and I make sure the window is down all the way, in park, brake on and start digging for my license both of them, crap! Yep I didn't grab them just jumped in the truck and left. Ok a little info here: I am muddy, I have blood on my hands, pants and who knows where, knives in the visor, hand gun on the floor, rifle and shotgun in the back seat...........I am thinking DUDE U R SCREWED!!!!!! He comes up and asks the normal questions and says "When you pulled back out again I thought you were going to bolt" I am thinking OH bubblegum THIS IS NOT GOING GOOD AT ALL! I tell him I don't think I have anything cause i really wasn't sure if they were in there or not. I had my insurance and registration but not the two must important IDs.
    I asked to check my consul for my license and also said ok there's a knife up there by the registration and he was cool, just said "OK just grab the registration" then he asked about other weapons. Double CRAP! ...... So I told him I am a CHL holder and where all the weapons were along with what I was doing and why I was in a hurry. Well I was able to find my expired motorcycle license I had kept for all these years. He said "that's fine, I will use that as long as there is a picture". I was stunned! I am thinking his going to call for back up, handcuff me and go through the vehicle. NOPE.....he came back up and said "Please slow down by town" and then let me go! No riot act on carrying my licenses or speeding or power trip nothin ....just a cool cop understanding the situation and being nice!!!!!!!

    Since I posted a "Bad Story" about being pulled over I thought I would let you know I had a "Good" story. I didn't get the guys name.

    So, Mr Aumsville cop, thank you for being understanding and nice about the situation.

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