ATTN: Seattle area shooters!

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    We've got three shoots in the Seattle area coming up:

    Port Townsend, WA Sept 13 & 14
    Custer, WA Sept 20 & 21
    Coupeville, WA Oct 25 & 26

    Normally I push the marksmanship instruction that we offer, which is by far the best bang for your training budget buck.

    There are two initiatives on the ballot this Nov that need our attention. Appleseed does not talk modern politics; however, we push for people to be involved in the electoral process.

    Bring someone to the line who may be on the fence about guns and let us show them, how to be safe, responsible, and proficient. We will also help them understand what role firearms played in the forming of our nation.

    Get involved - help us spread the word. Liberty is at stake.

    See you on the line.
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