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Never had that happen before. the World the way it is? You never know.
The world has been that unstable my entire 78-year life. One night when I lived in Corvallis about two blocks from the OSU campus I was sleeping peacefully when there was a huge explosion and my bedroom turned as light as daylight. I grew up during the cold war, often on Air Force bases that would have likely been incinerated if WWIII started. My first automatic thought was the beginning of WWIII. Noticed I wasn't dead. Interesting. Immediately discarded WWIII option, not because I was still alive, which I would expect to be in Corvallis anyway, but because nothing in Corvallis is of strategic importance. Instant revised thought was that the small research reactor at OSU had blown up. Cautiously looked out window.

There was a fireball around a big power line transformer on a telephone pole across the street from me. As I watched the fireball moved down power line about 20' and line burned through. Line dripped to ground. World darkened. Called power company, then police, as the street was busy enough to have pedestrians all hours and there was now a live power line drooping over the sidewalk. Told police I was going out now to keep people from walking into power line from this side but it would take at least one more person to keep pedestrians off line from the other side. I had barely taken up my position outdoors when two cop cars arrived to secure the situation. Took them less than two minutes to arrive. Only about 8 blocks from LE building. Took power company truck only a couple minutes more.

By the time this all happened it was decades after I had last lived on an AF base, the last being on a SAC base during the Cuban Missile Crisis. But still the first thing my mind turned to given an explosion was WWIII and nuclear explosions .

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