Atlas/Craftsman 6"x18" Metal Lathe--GONE

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    Up for sale is a nice Craftsman marked Atlas metal lathe. This is the nicer of the Craftsman lathes, with the Atlas being a better made machine than the Dunlop.
    This particular lathe is in excellent shape, even if the paint doesn't make it look that way. Holds pretty true and tight, and I'm sure that you'll be happy with the performance.
    Comes mounted on a metal stand, but is still pretty easy to move around. I do have change gears, and even some extra tooling if you need it. Nomenclature tag is marked Craftsman, Model 101.21400, Serial #016540. Chuck is a 3 jaw, made by Union (I believe original equipment).

    Just to save some time... This machine is not big enough to do real rifle work. If you were clever and patient, you might be able to recrown a stripped AR15 barrel, or even thread it, but that would really be pushing it's capabilities. It's probably got the power, but it does not have the length (or the steady rest). If you wanted to recrown 1911 barrels, make firing pins, or something, it'd probably do really well. If you want to make small parts, it'd do fantastic. It's bigger than the little bubblegumty machines you see at Harbor Freight, about twice as big, but still not a rifle smith's lathe.

    You're welcome to test it out here if you like. Cash only. Only trade I'd consider at this point is a metal mill, or a good gun. I've a cash price of $525 here, but it's listed on Craigslist at $575.
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