WTS/WTT OR ATI/Palmetto AR15

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    First off,I don't know much about AR's (and don't care)
    I got this from a friend who built it awhile back.I thought it would be cool to have at least 1 around,but I no longer feel that way.

    Here is what I DO know about it-
    Its an ATI Omni lower (Polymer,yeah,BOOOO)
    Palmetto upper
    Detachable carry handle
    "F" front sight
    Barrel says "R 5.56 NATO 1/9
    I won't call plastic "furniture",but the handguard and stock are made by Palmetto
    There is a scratch by the charging handle,right side (actually it's a brass mark from a punch-a little home gunsmithing on my part..Ahem.Mark might be removable?)

    I have 4 Palmetto aluminum mags,1 ITI polymer mag,and 1 "stoner" mag

    Zero rounds fired.
    My friend who assembled it knows WTF he is doing,so I know he did it right,and I know he checked the headspace.
    I trust this guy with my life.

    Pay no mind the the WASR in the picture-it is not for sale.My editing software isnt working at the moment,sorry.

    ANNNYWAY,$500+ FFL fee.Transfer is negotiable,if I know you..................

    No trades,unless its for a Springfield '03A3,Krag,WW2 USMC stuff,WW2 German helmet,etc.



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