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Discussion in 'Part & Accessory Classifieds' started by BiggerHammer, Nov 18, 2015.

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    I was digging through the magazine pile and found some magazines I would like to trade.

    Trades I'm interested in, may be interested in other AR parts trades

    AR15 upper reciever, prefer a billet but a forged or several forged upper recievers will do.

    10" or 12" AR15 Keymod handguard

    Billet AR15 lower

    Rock River two stage match trigger

    Black or grey MagPul PRS stock

    Trade, plus or minus cash. Whatever makes it work.

    Left to right.

    New Springfield Armory 20 round 7.62/.308 mag

    New Glock 21, 13 round mag with Chris V extension. Holds 30 rounds total fits all Glock 21 handguns

    New MagPul Mag30, 30 round 6.8 SPC magazine. For the LWRC Six8 lowers

    Two super clean Colt 20 round 5.56 mags

    Mags only for trade;)

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    I know you're interested in trades, but I'm just get started in the AR field, so I don't have anything to trade with. I'm really interested in buying the two 20 rd AR mags, so let me know if you're game.
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    please let me know if you still have the 6.8 mag, thanks

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