Assault Sewing Machines

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by ZigZagZeke, Jan 27, 2013.

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    From a friend on Facebook:

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    A lot of truth in that last sentence
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    Singer did make 1911 45's during WWII. When I read your thread name, I thought that was where this was going.

    As for gun control. When anti gun folks say you don't need a thirty round magazine to hunt dear. I wish the responce would be. The 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It has everything to do with defending the people against governments both foreign and domestic. If you fight people who are armed with machine guns you better have as much fire power as you can get. The Ar-15 and other para-military type guns are the best tool to carry out the intent of the second amendment. Most states including Oregon don't allow people to hunt with a semi-auto rifle with more than five rounds in the magazine.
    I wont argue 30 round magazines are not better at offence than a five or ten rounder. The point is not how deadly the so called assault weapons are. The point is our founding fathers entrusted us with guns to protect the constitution. They trusted us with the keys to the store. Our store!
    We are truster. Charged with a task of great importance. The fact that a few can use guns in a very negetive way. Dose not releive us of the responsibility to protect our constitution and the people of this country. We need the tools to perform this task.
    Just because you may not pick up a gun and fight for country and family. Don't prevent me from doing so. These people are cowards. There shame is what drives them to take our guns. They need the police, Army and you to do there fighting. Buy taking away your guns they are releived of the burden placed on them by the second amendment. This great country did not just apear one day. We are all riding on the backs of every man and woman who gave their life for this country. Can this country go on if we stop the willingness to fight for it's greatness?

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