Asking you to support Scouting- Popcorn sale

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    Cub Scout Popcorn Sale-

    I will first start this as a general request, area boys will be heading out starting this weekend seeking support for scouting. I hope some of you will consider this as a donation to support future community leaders, the popcorn is just a small token of appreciation.

    Specifically, our family is helping to start a new pack of cub scouts in Wilsonville, Oregon and my twin boys are working to support their buddies so that they all can have a great year of scouting. I am doing my best to ensure these boys turn out to be good leaders and responsible outdoors-men. If you are interested in buying from them or do not get contacted by a local scout, take a look at this website and pm me, we can arrange delivery in the area.
    Trail's End Popcorn

    The boys thank you for your consideration.

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