Asking for forgiveness from Veterans

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ikemay, May 25, 2015.

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    Today (Memorial Day) I will be breaking Flag etiquette by leaving a black ribbon tied to the top of the flag that flies outside our business until we leave at 6:00pm today. Normally, this would be removed by noon. But my wife and I feel that we need to make a bit of a statement in this town that does not do a damned thing to honor our fallen Warriors and their families. We want to make sure that any veteran or family members see that at least one place of business cares and is thankful.

    So, I am asking for forgiveness from our military members. If any of you find this objectionable, I will remove the black ribbon.

    Thank you,
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    Sounds FINE to me, Understand, Flag etiquette as well as other concepts are ~Only~ Rules, there are times to break Rules.

    I have several VET Friends, who have Flown Old Glory, upside down, In the last fifteen years.... And/OR the Bonney Blue, the lone Pine Tree from up in Maine, Vermont (?????) of Revolution War days. Etc.

    We served... For our Country, not our government ...... For the Constitution, not congress or the senate.... And don't even get me started on the ~Blindfolded~ supreme court, with equal treatment to whoever knows how to wink their eyes, or shuffle their feet...

    US ARMY 1st Aviation Brigade,
    Trouble Shooter One Five, Tay Ninh RVN 1969/70
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    As a Veteran, I support your choice to fly the flag however you choose. I wouldn't even flinch if you chose to burn one. You and I share the same freedoms.
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    As a Veteran and a Proud Father of Two Sons in the military (one which just made it back safe from his second deployment), I thank all those that take the time to honor those who gave all.
    Thank you.
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    Sure man! Thanks!
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    I see no disrespect at all, it is your expression of your feeling.

    In 2007 my wife and I went to a Crosby Stills Nash and Young concert in Vancouver. It was an awesome show and at the end they played Rocking in the Free World. They had an American flag and a Canadian flag on stage, both with yellow ribbons hanging from them. Now Neil Young is as outspoken as any on the issue of war, but they made it clear that even though their politics was completely against war, they fully supported the troops.

    Neil was walking off stage and grabbed both yellow ribbons and kissed them as he walked by. I pretty much lost it at that point, since one of my sons was in Iraq at the time. A year later Lynyrd Skynrd played Edgefield, and when they did Simple Man, they had a a backdrop featuring the American flag surrounded by the seals of all military branchs.

    I have a flag pole and fly the US and Marine Corps flags daily. I do not support any abuse of the flag, but also realize that if someone wants to abuse that flag, that is their right, as wrong as I feel it is.
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    I am a little late at seeing this but thank you Mike and your Wife for your support of our fallen military. Memorial Day I was on a return cruise from Alaska. The Captain of the ship called for a minute of silence, then Taps and the song "God Bless America" was sang. Tears flowed from many of us I am proud to say. May our lives glorify God, Amen.
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    Thanks for your patriotism!

    I served so you would be able to fly the flag how ever, if ever, and whenever you want.

    I served so law abiding citizens could say what ever they want, sell whatever they want, to whom ever they want (or don't want), and for what ever price they want.

    I served so you could even draw a prophet if you want.

    PM me your business info?
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