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Build Thread Ash Williams's Excellent SBR Draco Adventure

Perusing the inventory at a local gun store a Century Arms Draco caught my eye. "That would make an excellent SBR," I thought to myself. A few YouTube videos later when I got home and the seed was planted.

Over the holidays I purchased a Draco HG1916-N from Atlantic Firearms. Before I metaphorically pulled the trigger on the purchase, I contacted them and asked if they had any QA service I could take advantage of in order to avoid getting something with a crooked gas block or front sight post to which they replied that they didn't, so it really was a roll of the dice as to the fit of my future pistol. I went ahead with the gamble and in a short time later I was the proud owner of a very straight and perfectly aligned new Draco pistol, a very fine specimen if I do say so myself.


After some deliberation on how I wanted to attach the stock to my rear trunnion once I receive my stamp, I settled on replacing the rear trunnion with a fixed stock one. I contacted a local smith who gave me a quote of approximately $400 for the work including a cerakote refinish since there would be welding and machining involved. Since I have some time while I wait for my ATF approval I'll get some additional quotes. If anyone can recommend someone it would be greatly appreciated.

In regards to the process for applying for my stamp, here is a brief outline of the steps I took:
  1. I decided to go the trust route and had my trust done by these guys on Christmas day: The Trust Shop
    I had my Oregon-specific gun trust shortly after completing the online process.
  2. I then went to my local UPS store and had all of the required paperwork notarized and witnessed. I had to do some editing of the PDFs for this.
  3. I went to my local sheriff's office and had the fingerprinting done.
  4. I did my Form 1 online at eforms.atf.gov and paid my $200 there as well. There is an excellent YouTube video I followed that walks you through the entire process here:
    Guide to Form 1 on EForms (post 41-F)
  5. I sent my cover letter from the ATF along with my set of fingerprints via UPS. There is a 10 day window you have to get those to them.
  6. I will send my copy of the Form 1 along with my responsible persons paperwork to my sheriff's office as soon as I learn of the approval by the ATF
More updates to come as soon as I have them. :s0151:
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Fun fun fun.

I almost SBRd my only AK. Ended selling instead.

I’ll look forward to the results.

I drilled into my trunuin to add a brace, it was not difficult. However I completely understand wanting to have the truniun replaced.


Definitely gonna be watching this thread! Let us know about the build quality and reliability of the century arms herd mixed reviews and love to get first hand! I jelous!
Just for posterity's sake, I efiled 1/03/2020 and my prints arrived 1/09/2020. I'm afraid it's now in the hunker down for the long wait phase.

As soon as I have any updates I'll post again.
Since my rear trunion on my Draco SBR is an underfolder.. I may one day weld up my tapped stock holes, sell off my Manticore stock and go the underfolder route since folder kits are cheap right now.



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