As Serious As Made To Be?

Discussion in 'NFA Weapon Discussion' started by cbzdel, Oct 27, 2014.

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    I am looking into how to make my first SBR. I doubt I will ever build another and I have no interest in suppressors, and really only building this just for a range toy, plus its an AR so I can build countless upper for it if I wanted to.. Its my one and only high end build, after I see the final price tag I doubt I will ever want to build another haha.

    That being said nI was looking into individual vs the trust route. At first I was thinking trust until I learned that many are spending several hundred dollars for a lawyer to create a trust, and that a cheaper DIY trust is not recommended due to potential errors So then I started leaning more towards the individual, until I read nothing but negative remarks about if you are married and your wife has access to the weapon safe. That your committing a felony and you will both go to jail. So my question is, is this really as serious as some make it out to be when it comes to other accessing an individually licensed NFA weapon?

    Thinking here, the BATF is not going to come to me house to check status on the weapon and if they do I am sure I will have bigger problems to deal with.

    The one question that I wonder about an indvidual license is say I am not home and a bad guy breaks into the house. Wife goes to the safe and grabs the SBR for whatever reason and when confronted she shoots and kills said bad guy. So she shoots and kills said bad guy with an NFA weapon not licensed to her, what next?
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    Well that's a damn good question. I'd like to know the answer too as I'm waiting on a couple suppressors and the wife definitely has access to the safe.

    Isn't it true that someone can handle your NFA item under your supervision?
  3. ZA_Survivalist

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    It's one of those effing stupid grey area things where yes, until proven in court it's against the law.. Even if her life is in danger..

    Best bet, buy a small executive safe like at Costco for $300. It's what I did it avoids the issue entirely.

    Hope that helps.
  4. mjbskwim

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    I still haven't got a good answer to why,in Washington,where you can't carry a loaded rifle in your car,would you give the government 200 bones instead of just making a pistol with a brace and not worrying about whether your wife can use it or not.
    You have to make shtuff up why a SBR is better than a pistol and why it's better to give $200 to the gov for NADA
    I can shoulder my pistol,I can sell my pistol to whoever I want(all legalities of course),I don't need a trust,I can have it loaded in my car,on my person.............
    Don't get the whole SBR idea anyway other than having a shorter one than your buddy
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    I would recommend the trust honestly. If you have kids and want them to eventually have the firearm(s), it will make the handing down of the firearm easier. While the estate transfer is 'free' it could be time consuming and the firearms have to remain in the executors control during the execution of the will. Also there is the stated problems about relatives having access to the safe.

    I spent the 300$ for a revocable NFA trust. Added my immediate family. Never looked back. Also, if you ever do decide to SBS that shotgun, or pick up a suppressor then you don't have to worry about the leanings of the local Sheriff anymore.
  6. PDXSparky

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    Yes, that is true. I've let people use my NFA toys when I've had them out at the range. I made a young mans day when I let him shoot my M11/9 last month.
  7. Stomper

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    I did my own DIY revocable family trust and it worked just fine for my SBR'd DRACO AK pistol.

    My next "shorty" will eventually be an 10.5-11" barreled AR pistol with a brace instead of the SBR route. That thing has become a real game changer, and I may pop for an MP5 pistol and put a brace on that too.

    That being said, my next firearm purchase is going to be a Tavor... 16-18" barrel, and an OAL of an SBR. :D

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