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Freshly blued steel wiped down with some WD40 Specialist has this rich pungent iron /metal smell that fills the room. I imagine it is what blood smells like to vampires. Intoxicating.

Another good one is a race car just after a session on the track. Hot metal smell from the engine and brake rotors with some hints of fuel, burnt rubber and a bit of coolant which is sweet almost fruity. All together just just smells like power.
H4350 after taking a shot.
Than that coppery iron smell of blood.
Later, the smell of wild game cooking over a mopane wood fire.

Tales around the camp fire....


Man, some you guys are regular fricken poets! I dig it.

I don't get much from burned gun powder. Un-burned, yes. The ether smell I like. just started rifle loading. H4895 isn't pleasing.

I DO sniff the stocks on my 1918 Lee Enfield and 1902 Swede Mauser though. I like that they smell the same. And both of them, when at the range in the sun, the linseed oil treated stocks get a shine to them.
I remember as an 18 year old driving to my local trap range at the fairground on weekend to shoot. I would grab 3 freshly shot hulls when I was done and smell the still aromatic, burned powder. Nearly 40 years later, still have the same ritual. The memories come back as if I was 18 again each time.


Always loved the smell of that first shot outdoors - indoors not at all - centerfire pistol ammo in particular (.22 not so much). That initial whiff on the breeze augments the whole pleasurable shooting experience.

And I think Hoppe's #9 smells wonderful.

Speaking of the delightful aroma of Hoppe's #9, I'm curious about something that occurred back in 1995 or so. I went to clean guns and my Hoppe's #9 had no scent. Nothing. It smelled like water. I had used that container before and it was fine then.

So, does unsealed Hoppe's "go off" like some fuels? Or maybe was there some other nefarious use for it that a lying, sneaky teen in the house might devise - then replace it with water? (He's all better now with sons of his own to shepherd through life.) Anyone here ever notice something similar? I always wondered what happened to that one bottle.
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