Armscor M200 .38 Special, almost new.

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    I bought this Armscor M200 revolver not long ago and then got a chance to upgrade to a 357 if I sell the Armscor. So here it is!

    It's practically new, I've taken it apart, cleaned all the heavy packing oil out, and lubed it up with some nice gun oil. I've shot it just a bit, way less than a full box of rounds down the pipe but I don't have an exact count. It's a fine functioning firearm and if you come out here to buy it you can function test it here as I'm out in the country just a bit. Location, next to Willamina, OR.

    Asking $250, comes with everything it came with new. I'm fairly firm on price as I need the money for the 357. Not really interested in trades for the same reason but will entertain a trade if it's slanted in my favor by a fair margin and something easily liquidated.

    Picture is a stock photo from the web.

    Questions, please ask here. Offers to buy, please PM.




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