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    Point Blank OTV Medium Vest with Kevlar inserts (2007) in ACU pattern
    The Size Medium ceramic plates are SAPI L3 (Ceredyne contoured padded front and Protech back plate) They are in very good shape and the vest is very clean and free of much wear.

    I'm 175 5-9 and it fits great, You don't want the extra weight or bulkiness of a XL Vest or plates if you're of medium build. Trust me on this one.

    I have a lot of stuff to get rid of so pics are possible, but only if you are serious about it.

    Hard to find this complete

    $400 firm - Meet in Olympia

    I also have a Level 3A (Second Chance I believe) police vest with steel trauma insert that will stop up to 30 carbine rounds and various others. (c.1994) It's a bit stiff, but I've trusted my life to it. It's clean too.

    $200 firm - Meet in Olympia

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