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    You can see the trailer there. Looks like another hollywood antigun hit piece targeting evangelical christians to boot, playing on the "pro life" vs "pro gun" views many folks hold. Essentially, how can you be "pro life" but "pro gun" because if you're pro gun that means you are for killing. Doesn't make the distinction of "pro life" for giving babies the chance to live vs protecting yourself, your family, and your country. Not to get too religious (as I don't "identify" as religious but spiritual myself) but even the bible makes it clear that you should be armed.Does it not say that if you own a cloak but no sword, you should sell your cloak and purchase a sword?

    So they're going to target folks by tugging at your religion and try to make you think you're a hypocrite if you're pro life and pro gun. Ignoring the rest of the bible, ignoring common sense, and ignoring history.

    IIRC this movie was made with Disney's backing. So why is Disney not called out for being hypocritical. Their biggest movie of the decade is set to debut in a couple weeks - wanna bet there's lots of killing in it? With guns (albeit laser guns, automatic laser guns to boot.) One could even look upon the Star Wars franchise as a "pro gun" film series of sorts - the rise of an evil government which has banned their subjects from being armed crushing and killing them at whim, with rebels putting their lives, fortunes and individual freedom on the line to battle said oppressive regime using old timey religion and lots of guns to overthrow the evil government and try installing a government for the people and by the people... though I doubt George Lucas would admit to as much these days.

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