Armed grandparents in Israeli schools

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    On the website of Backwoods Home Magazine I came across an article that Massad Ayoob wrote in 2003, "In Time of War: The Israeli Answer to Terrorism." I thought this excerpt was noteworthy:

    "Israel began the program of armed citizen guards in the schools after the Maalot massacre in the 1970s, when a large number of children were slain in a terrorist incident. The volunteer parents work in plain clothes, armed with concealed semi-automatic pistols, and are trained by Israel's home guard. It is significant that in the more than a quarter century between Maalot and the incident mentioned above when the citizen guards shot down the terrorist in the school in 2002, not a single child was murdered in an Israeli school!

    "The reason is that Israel wisely publicized the fact that the civilian volunteer guards, indistinguishable from the regular teaching and administrative staff, would be in place. It served as a tremendously effective deterrent. No Moslem fanatic who wants to go to Allah as a successful warrior who has slain many infidels visualizes himself making the trip after having been shot down by some geriatric with a gun before completing his mission."
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    And recently Israel issued a statement that only their "Home Guard" protected the schools, not the teachers. So, maybe, once they're trained, they become "Home Guards"
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    I have been spouting this doctrine to anyone who would listen including a couple senators and representives! Think how motivated I would be at my grandsons school! I had no idea that Israel was doing this type of thing. Sometimes they get it right.

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