Armed Citizens Unite in Mexico

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    Here is a can of worms for you.

    Someone sent this to me. Hmm.. so much going on here not sure at what angle to approach this or what's my reason for posting it on this site, I'm probably getting bashed for this. :bash:

    Small villages in Mexico are forming coallitions of armed citizens to fight the war on drugs/cartels. Locals are tired of being bullied, murdered, kidnapped and stepped on by cartels and are fed up with the governments lack of involvement. Here's a link of a Spanish article that's been translated by google.

    Google Translate

    I guess there are a couple reasons why this strikes a cord with me. First, I am Mexican American (or American of Mexican descent, whatever term you are most comfortable with) and I feel for the people of that region. I have actually been to that particular region a few times when I was younger. Believe it or not, not all Mexicans want to cross the border illegally. There are still many who try to make an honest living from agriculture, farming, etc. and have no interest in moving to the US. It's sad to hear that these dirt poor people are being extorsioned to pay quotas/fines to the cartel to keep their shops open.

    Second, I am very proud to be an American; US born and raised. I truly believe in the constition, particularly in the 2nd amendment. This is what really gets the ol' hamster wheel turning. I can't help but think if they keep restricting gun laws it leaves us vulnerable to exploitation from our Government and criminal organizations. If we are stripped of that beautiful right to bear arms, what is happening down south will happen here.

    Reminds me of that saying "when guns are outlawed, then I will be an outlaw'.

    What do you think? Would you take arms to fight for your rights when the government fails you?

    *Before you pass judgement, My parents are US Citizens who have been in the US for over 35 years and have jobs, speak english, etc. I know people are quick to judge so I'm always hesitant to disclose my background. I guess to most people I'm not who they would expect to be a big 2nd amendment supporter.
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