Armas Erbi Sci - 20 gauge 26" SXS

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    I have for sale a 1976 Spanish made Armas Erbi SCI 20 gauge side by side. I inherited this shotgun from my grandfather along with several other firearms. When I received this gun the stock was split in two, only held together by the metal trigger guard and the action would not open at all. I have fixed the the stock with both titebond wood glue and several wood screws hidden under the metal trigger guard. The repair job is not sloppy however to be complete (if desired) the stock could be sanded and refinished. As is, it is structurally sound and 100% shootable. The action was fixed with several hours of hand sanding an internal part with some emery cloth, it opens/shuts perfectly smooth but is a little hard to open after firing both shells. I have shot 25 rounds of standard target loads through this gun with zero problems and I am actually very pleased with the performance of the gun. It's a great shooter and I am a little sad to see it go but I have some other projects that I would like to finish, and I don't need a 20 gauge as I have several 12 gauge shotguns. I am honestly not entirely sure what the gun is worth as they are hard to come by from what I understand. From what I can tell the fit and finish is very well done and it appears to be a quality firearm. I would like to see a cash price of $350 O.B.O. As far as trades, I would be interested in 10/22 bull barrels/stocks, optics, Remington 870's, 870 barrels, Ithaca model 37 parts or whole, and just about anything else. I'm open to offers.




    One thing I would like to mention that I find odd, but was told is normal for this gun, is if both chambers are loaded and you pull the front trigger it will fire both sides perfectly simultaneously every time:huh:. But, if you pull the rear first then your problem is solved. And yes, it kicks like a mule when both chambers are fired. That's likely why the stock was broken.:thumbup:
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    How can that be normal?
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