Armalite National Match AR-15 .223 $1050

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    Up for sale is my Armalite National Match. It's far from stock, and has most of the modifications already done that any serious CMP or NRA High Power shooter would do. I've used it off an on over the last 4 years. It has won state, regional, and national titles. It shoots sub-moa out to 600 yards without issue, and I've even shot it out to 1000 with decent results. The rifle has approximately 4000 rounds through it total, but only about 1000 on the new Pac-nor Barrel that is currently on there. Sights move with 1/4 MOA windage and 1/2 MOA elevation. Trigger is two stage and breaks at 4.5 lbs.

    Lead added to front and back then ballanced at the delta ring for best results in off-hand shooting and in general. Weighs 15 lbs overall
    Hooded rear sight installed with .042" insert. Insert can be changed out for many different sizes.
    Pac-nor 1:7" twist barrel installed with matching bolt head.
    Cant-adjustable front sight installed, .072" front sight post
    RTV Silicone and electrical tape used where stock meets lower to block gases from escaping into shooter's eyes during rapid fire stages
    NM flash hider installed (has no gaps on bottom to keep dust from kicking up)
    Stickers show many trips to Nationals, have zeros from 200-600 using Sierra 77 and 80 grain bullets, and can easily be removed.
    The yellow things in the picture are just sight protectors.

    Only bad thing: rear sight hood has always been at a slight angle since I first got it so the hash mark on the back of the hood does not line up with the indicated mechanical zero. Mechanical zero is still the dead wind zero (i.e it is correct), it just doesn't look like it is. The correct placement is marked.

    For $1050 you can have the rifle. They sell for $1150-$1350 new and the modifications done cost a few hundred dollars. If you'd like the sling I can toss it cheaply, but it may be best to get one new and break it in yourself (for best results). If you'd like the steel magazines with magpul followers, bobsled, or the nice case, make me an offer on them and if the price is right they are yours.

    I'm not backing out of high power competition for good, I just need some money for tuition and I haven't shot this rifle in two full years, so it's an easy one to part with.






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