Make sure that you check the website for Vancouver PD. That was always my go to for a Washington permit but the last time I went to renew they were not processing out of area/state permits. As I recall, it was a staffing issue.

I was able to do the whole process by mail through the Cowlitz County Sheriff's office. Sent all the correct forms and my money and within a couple of weeks I had my new permit.
How did you do your fingerprints ?
How did you do your fingerprints ?
Mine was a renewal so I don't recall having to submit a new set of fingerprints, only proof of identity and address along with the old chl number. Most local police agencies can/will provide fingerprint services if you ask.

Cowlitz County now has an on line application process for new and renewal permits. Documents can be uploaded, presumably the fingerprint cards as well.

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