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In response to this post from the "Why don't you compete" thread -

It'd be nice to have a list of local resources and competitions outlined.

I'm in Portland and I have just recently started shooting PR at TCGC. I'm hoping to further my shooting experience by participating in other competitions such as speed steel and 3 gun matches. But I really don't know whats involved or who to contact...

This thread is now dedicated to area matches and events open to everyone who meets the qualifications, which usualy entails a class.

Please describe any matches you have a personal knowledge of based on your participation.
TCGC Practical Rifle

Second Saturday of the month sign up from 8:30 to 9
Cost 15$, free for women and juniors.

The guiding principal behind the match is to provide a venue where people with varied skill levels can compete and gain mastery of long arms as well as test equipment in a "Real World" environment.
The match is held in an active gravel quarry which offers lots of interesting possibilities for stage design as well as some problems.

At any match anticipate targets from 5 yrds all the way out to 350yrds. Shooting positions from a comfortable prone to a hellish torture sprawl in head sized rocks on a 45 degree slope or the back of a moving truck. Movement is almost always required on at least one stage per match.

The match will have 3-5 stages.

The majority of the targets are self resetting steel with some paper. On occasion some bowling pins and clays will be thrown on.

To shoot the match you are required to attend an orientation class where you will prove your rifle is zeroed (Seems elementary but it has been a huge problem for both the shooter and the RO's), go through all of the rules and shoot a short qualifier stage.
The orientation class is evolving and in the near future it will likely become more involved with more opportunity to practice skills live fire. Think something like a very simplified MagPul class. If you are going to bubblegum about a longer class which involves live fire practice and coaching from experienced range staff, this match is not for you.
The class is currently scheduled for Friday afternoon from 2-5 at the TCGC black powder range. In the near future classes will be scheduled for some weekend days.

Equipment -
Rifle - usually a semi auto with a larger magazine capacity, AR's, AK's, SKS's are the most common with a mix of 7.62 battle rifles in the mix as a minority probably due to ammo costs. Someone always has to be a bit different and shoots a bolt or lever gun almost every match.

Optics - If you run optics, make sure you understand to relative strengths and weaknesses of whatever it is. That 6-24 is great for the 350 yrd shots but try doing smooth fast transitions at 15 yrds with a funky target array.

Ammo - Accurate enough to hit 12" steel at 350 yrds, reliable, NO FERROUS METAL CONTENT IN THE PROJECTILE check ALL your bullets with a magnet and if they stick don't bring it, they will cause thousands of dollars in damage to the steel targets. I bring 300 rounds to every match and always take some home BUT have never run out.

Mags - Whatever is reliable and proven. Every match someone has issues because they brought a mag that does not feed, don't be that guy. short 20 rnd mags are really handy any time you can go prone and the round counts will usually not be that high.

Knee and elbow pads, gloves - As noted above the range is a quarry. Lots of sharp rocks and gravel.

Weather appropriate cloths and footwear - Common sense right? Just a suggestion, but due to the mud conditions a second pair of shoes for the drive home can be a life saver if you drove the wife's car.

The match director is Randy Schlining who may be contacted through the TCGC web site.
Remember that all of the labor is volunteer and the RO's get a whopping 5 bucks off their match fees. So make sure to help out.

I purposefully left the rules out. They are evolving and are best covered at the class.
TCGC Speed Steel

First Sunday of the month
Web site - <broken link removed>
Start time 9 am usualy done with scores by 2:30-3
Cost 12$ for the first gun, 18$ for 2

The Speed Steel match is basically the USPSA Steel Challenge on the club level without having a club affiliation. It is probably the best way to get your feet wet in competitive shooting. You will shoot a lot compared to most other matches. You will get to work on the basics - reaction to the start timer, accuracy, target transition, range commands and safety rules and last but not least SPEED. You can shoot the match with a .22 which saves a lot of money in ammo and the firearm, it also helps to prevent the dreaded "flinch" which is a common problem for most shooters.

The match consists of 6 stages with 1-5 steel targets from 7 to 40 yrds out. The targets are round and square (rectangular)plates from 6-24x36". Each stage is shot 5 times (or strings) with no maximum round count ( shoot till you hit it). See the above site for stage descriptions.

You may shoot the match with a center fire pistol drawing from the holster in either an open (optics and comps) or limited configuration, .22 pistols in either open or limited from a low ready and carbines in either open or limited and .22 or centerfire pistol chamberings. You may shoot more than one gun in a match, ie a pistol and carbine. If you are shooting the match for the first time you may shoot a centerfire pistol from a low ready.

Some sort of action range/action shooting class is preferred to draw from the holster, contact the match director if you have not had a class but wish to use a holster.

Eye and hearing protection absolutly required.

So all you need for your first match is a pistol or carbine (preferably in .22 and mag fed with at least 2 mags, preferably 5) and ammo, figure a minimum of 25 rounds per stage, 6 stages = 150. I always triple the required round count as its better to bring some home than not be able to finish the match.

The match director is Nick Leonard and he can be contacted through the above link.

On a side note TCGC has some of the best Speed Steel competitors in the nation which helps to set the bar high and helps you become a better shooter. Nick and his son Ryan are great guys and always willing to help out with advice and coaching at the match.

Once a year Nick holds the Man of Steel match which is a 75$ entry fee but everyone wins a prize in the form of a knife from a top local manufacturer, Benchmade, Kershaw and CKT. Obviously the selection is made in order of finish, but the prize table is very good.
TCGC Tactical Match

Fourth Sunday of the month.
Match starts at 10 and is usually done by 2-3. Setup starts before the match and helping is greatly appreciated.
Completion of the TCGC Action Range class or similar is required, contact the match director.

The match is a 3 gun competition. Pistol, pistol caliber carbine and shotgun. It is organized like an IDPA lite match. Use of cover and tactically correct target engagement are required but not necessarily draconianly enforced. Targets are a mix of paper and steel. You can treat it like a regular run and gun match or a live fire training simulation. The match is scored with a time plus system but some people don't bother with their time only their performance.

If you don't own a pistol caliber carbine bring a couple of boxes of factory 9mm and ask politely and someone on your squad will probably be happy to lend you one or you can use your pistol. The shotgun can be anything safe and serviceable, 8-9 round capacity is helpful. Any centerfire pistol which is safe and serviceable can be used. The most common are Glocks followed by 1911's. Holsters may not be cross draw, shoulder and must fully cover the trigger guard.

Ammo - I usually bring 10 buck, 10 slugs, 75 lead shot (6 or 7 1/2), 200 pistol and 200 carbine but the match is usually organized around 1 box of each. I just don't want to ever run short.

Before investing in any new gear for this match, shoot it a couple of times and look at what the other people are using and how well it works. You may be surprised at what you see and hear.
MGM Ironman

One of the most hardcore *** kicking 3gun matches on the planet and it must be experienced.

Web site - MGM Online Registration

A good overview of last years match - YouTube - 2010 MGM Iron Man 3-Gun Match

The famous Zip Line stage - YouTube - 2008 MGM Ironman zipline POV cam part 1

The kick *** 2009 suprise stage - YouTube - Ironman 2009 Stage 7 POV

The kick *** 2010 suprise stage - YouTube - Stage 7 with Matt Burkett of Predator Tactical at the 2010 MGM Ironman,

You will shoot at least pistol, rifle and shotgun on each stage with some stages also incorporating sub guns, machine guns and optionally a precision rifle.
The par time for each stage is 480 seconds and many people time out on multiple stages every year.
You shoot 4 stages each on the first 2 days and 2 on the last day before scores.
You will be exhausted at the end of each day but still have fun.
You will see guns go down every day due to a combination of over use and bad conditions. If your equipment can make it through this match it's proven so don't change a thing.
I bring 1000 rnds each for pistol and rifle, 500 shot, 150 slugs and buck and 40 rounds for precision rifle. I don't bring much of that home.
Slots are limited and if your interested DON'T DELAY. As soon as registration opens sign up. After this years 3Gun nation series it is anticipated to fill up during the first week even though the number of slots have been doubled.
General bubbleguming and accusations of being a Gamer?

Surly someone else shoots some other types of matches on this board.
Here is a link to the Colmbia Cascade web site which lists monthly match dates for local USPSA matches and some Speed Steel and 3-Gun information. Paste this in your web browser and check it out. home Click on Current Events and Special Events to see what's happening each month.
Tri-county has a 600 yard shoot twice per month on Tuesday evenings starting at 6pm sharp. This month it was the 4th, and 18th. Check the calendar for next month.

Shooters for the night shoot have to shoot once during daylight, usually on the 3rd saturday (again, check the Tri-county calendar on line to be sure) before they can do the night shoots with illuminated targets.

Saturday shoots start at 9am, and you MUST have a 300 yard zero before starting. The bench rest group shoots first, then the "tactical" type shooters shoot along with the rest of the people who want to practice F class rifle shooting and similar long distance shooting.

The night shoots start at 6pm sharp, so if you want shoot, be there at 5:45 to split up into two groups. One group shoots, the other group goes to the pits to pull targets, then they switch. People who show up late will NOT be accomodated, so be on time if you want to shoot.

I don't know how many rounds the 600 yard bench rest matches take, but last I heard, they were certified matches, so IBRSA should be able to tell you how many rounds.

The tactical and F class people usually shoot 22 rounds. 2 sighters, and 20 for record. We aren't running a league right now, it is just for practice. Usually, the league starts in the spring/summer and takes your three best scores for final ranking.
Can you participate in these events without being a member?

The matches I have participated in (tactical, practical rifle, 600 yard) at Tri-County don't require you to be a member. Practical rifle wants new shooters to attend a safety orientation first. The tactical matches want to know that you have some experience doing this. Usually membership in a similar club, prior safe participation in similar events and organizations will suffice.

They are trying to avoid having people who have no experience doing any of these events from coming out cold to try it out. For inexperienced shooters, almost all clubs and organizations offer orientations, or classes to help new shooters get started in the sport.

Keep in mind that they really WANT and NEED new shooters coming into the sports so that there will be more participation, and more "missionaries" who can let others know that firearms and participation in firearms related sports isn't "evil".
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