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Government Evacuation Plan for Weekday Working Hours Emergency:
Everyone leaves home or work in their cars driving calmly on designated routes to shelters carrying with them those without cars. School children are taken to shelters by school buses and reunited with parents.

Citizens Evacuation plan for weekday working hours emergency:
All parents jump in their cars and drive directly to schools to grab their kids. F the gov'ment plan. There are massive traffic jams in streets around all schools making roads impassible and blocking the exit of school buses. Some kids are rescued by their parents walking from cars deserted in stalled traffic and grabbing their kids from classrooms or bus areas. But now they have to walk out since streets are jammed. Other kids simply slip quietly away, leave school on foot or by bike, and head for home. A few buses that managed to leave before the onslaught of parents blocked the roads around the schools make it to the designated area and deliver kids. No arrangements have been made as to exactly how to reunite parents and children among crowds of thousands of refuges. Even where both parents and kids are in the shelter they never find each other for the duration of the emergency. The kids do fine. They are temporarily adopted by any family they know or by strangers. Some of the bigger kids have an outrageously good time just hanging around with each other. Most people don't evacuate at all. They figure they would rather stay home and protect their property from looters than get stuck in a traffic jam somewhere far from either home or designated shelters.
Based on Hawaii's experience with listening to the government broadcast and literally driving into the fire and their ultimate deaths as a result, I think many people would treat the government recommendation with the same level of trust that the government earned after, "two weeks to flatten the curve."

Never again!
One other problem with Adam and Eve story. What God should have said to Eve is "And you have to pretend to let Adam rule over you, even though he wasn't brave enough to try the apples on his own or smart enough to invent apple pie."
They should have just ate the snake.... and saved everyone a whole lotta grief....:D
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They should have just ate the snake.... and saved everyone a whole lotta grief....:D
Seriously, people need to understand the value of a proactive vs reactive approach. If I was told, "there's a deadly snake in that tree so never eat from it."

Best you believe I am inventing fire and burning that tree down and removing the potential hazard proactively.

It's like in Western Film's when someone says, "next time we meet I am going to kill you."

The hell? I'm not patient, "pow pow pow" let's be done with it now so I can go eat a sandwich while I bury your POS body, better yet, leave you for the scavengers, they need to eat to! I'll maintain the need for a sandwich though, dealing with scum brings on an appetite.

My suspicion is since they can now bypass your location settings with this, they can pinpoint the coordinates of your cell phone at will, then tally that as a "hit" tied to your cell number. They also know how many cell phones, tablets, Chromebooks, etc are sold. Work out the math and they just keep tapping them until they get the response that makes them feel successful; Oct 4, 5, 6, 7...

May not matter if you turn your device off (or wrap it in foil) on Oct 4, since they can hit it over and over again at will if they want to.

Maybe you should record it and save it as your new ringtone. 😂 That won't be annoying at all, right?
You give them way too much credit. If looking for you they can find you with a mobile, but sort of hard to look for everybody all at once.

Is anything about the emergency alert system even remarkable? You've heard the tests before on radio, tv and phone.. You've gotten Amber alerts. I've gotten actual warnings. This is about as interesting as rain in the forecast.
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Re the drill, got my alarm set reminding me to powerdown and foilbag the phone at 1100 and n alarm on my wristwatch to power it back up at 1130.

Smoke a trouserwurst, Pedo Joe! (EDIT to note; and NEVER use that term talking with a German, sausage is sacred to them.)
They should have just ate the snake.... and saved everyone a whole lotta grief....:D
Naw. When God created Adam he just wanted a pet. He confined Adam in a walled kennel/zoo/prison/"garden" where there was no danger, no excitement, no need to earn a living, opportunity to achieve anything, no need or ability to be responsible for anything, not even himself, no sex or procreation either. So Adam was bored, depressed, and lonely. So God created Eve. She wasn't part of the original plan. She was nobody's pet. And when she got together with Snake she was brave enough to choose knowledge. Following her lead, so did Adam. So God threw them out of the boring but beautiful prison. Thereafter, they would have to learn, think, invent, work, suffer pain, take responsibility for themselves, procreate. God had created Adam and Eve. Snake helped them become human.
Well… if the internet "experts" are right, (unlikely, but what the heck) :s0092:
1- Take all those old cellphones out of the drawer and charge ''em up.
2- put one in the fridge, and the microwave, and the freezer, and an ammo box, etc…
3- see if they ring or not. If one doesn't pick up the test signal… it may be in an EMP proof appliance….
…. or, it's just an old dead phone that won't hold a charge. :s0153:
Tested my phone in a cookie tin and it won't recieve calls. Plus the phone doesn't run the battery down searching for a signal. I do this for privacy, I get tired of calls that waste my retired time. No messages and no calls, just a peaceful time in life without being annoyed. :)
Just got a robocall, an email, and a text message (all at the same time, 1202 hrs PDT) from my employer, advising me of this test to occur tomorrow.
Message said a buncha stuff about it, and concluded the message by saying "...We wanted you to know in advance of the test so that you would not be alarmed when the test takes place..." How nice of the company to let me know... :rolleyes:
:D I am just a cranky old Fudd that likes my privacy. Being constantly on call has made me hate the phone and decided in retirement that not even the government is going to waste my time.
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For a long period I used a cheap cell phone only for emergencies or as backup in case land line went out.
This is still my functional arrangement. With the land line being the main telephone for most use. None of my adult children have retained land lines, they are all on cell phones. I don't "do" text, it's too annoying. If someone wants to reach me on a phone, it's got to be voice or nothing. But then again, I'm not in business, I'm retired; instant and constant communication isn't necessary for my life.
A real government would have an opt out of the system because they know its not worth doing. There is no place built for us that is shelter to run to. No food bunkers or water storage and even our oil reserve is gone. Why call us at all. :confused:
A real government would have an opt out of the system because they know its not worth doing. There is no place built for us that is shelter to run to. No food bunkers or water storage and even our oil reserve is gone. Why call us at all. :confused:
Maybe they just want to be able to thank us for paying our taxes all these years and then say good bye ?
All in a HAL 9000 type voice.

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