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Oh, yeah... snubbies are kewl

Aloha, Mark
Refused to click. Hate clickbait titles. You can do better.
So can you. As Mom said, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all".
I didn't click, either, but then I didn't make a point to trash talk the OP.
In fact, I may go back and check it out now. It's as easy to stop a video as to start one. :)
Yeah....some S&W M15 just doesn't do it for me.


My 686 with 2.5 inch bbl doesn't do it for me either.

But....this M60......IMHO, is BEAUTIFUL.


Aloha, Mark
Last Edited:
Got my .44 Bulldog back from Mag-na-port. Took it to Safefire on Saturday. This Roscoe makes some mighty big holes in paper. It's my "Red Dragon" gun. IYKYK…

IMG_8449.jpeg IMG_8448.jpeg

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