Something that is ironic about our Rghts...

We have the Right to vote....yet we could , depending on how or who one votes our Rights out of existence.

Should Rights be subject to polls...?
Well depending on who is asking what and just how they are asking the well as the timing of the poll....
That can lead to all kinds of data...some of which may be true and of a lasting nature....
Or it could be full of the stuff I put in a can to be taken away to the dump each week.
Are Constitutional Rights Subject to Poll Results?

A recent online survey conducted last month by the Oregon Values and Beliefs Center in Portland revealed "nearly 60% favored stricter federal gun regulations, and 56% said the same about the state's regulations."
Politicians can and have restricted our freedoms/rights. If those polled vote for politicians that restrict our rights, did the polls restrict our freedoms/rights, nope. But they may have forecasted what was going to happen to our freedoms/rights.
Our founders made it so the people could technically change every aspect of the government and governing documents. They also put in place lots of checks and balances so that it can not be changed quickly.

Thing about these articles is they spell out their own biases within the article. This article states that the political orientation was a huge factor in the way people thought.

I do feel it is ironic that the article stated that those in urban environments believe in more gun control as a solution to the problems they are facing. Especially with the factual evidence from cities where guns have been restricted heavily with little to no change in gun violence.
I’m sure the heretics were screaming about their inalienable right to life and liberty the entire time the local populace beat them, tied them to a pole, and lit them on fire.

Many spout off about “god given” rights. This is naive. The Constitution makes no special protection for the Bill of Rights - they can be amended just the same as any other.

And they will be, eventually. Whether or not someone respects your “rights” is a product of the local culture, not any preexisting law. Politics is downstream from culture.

If the cultural norm is anti-gun, don’t be surprised when that sentiment finds itself perpetuated in law. Fighting this battle legislatively is winning battles while losing the war. Culturally, we need to shift things.

Because yes - your rights are inherently subject to culture. It’s a slower process than a poll, but an inevitable one nonetheless.
I like to point out that every government regulation, law, and decree is ultimately enforced at the barrel of a gun and threat of violence.

When just a few years ago some people were saying the president was “literally Hitler, “A Russian agent,” “crazy” etc, that it might be a bad idea to pursue legislation that gives government even more power over the people, banning guns and only the government has them, etc.

People who’ve drunk the anti-gun koolaide are often too far gone to even think for themselves anymore. They are just parroting the talking points they’ve been programmed to repeat.
Not a fan of polls or poles. I stopped dancing after I paid my way through college.

But jokes aside, I feel like all phone call polls are insanely slanted as are website polls. Obviously those visiting a politically leaning site will vote a certain way as yhe main traffic is going to be of a specific type.. these days it proves nothing.. Then you have phone polling taking place in areas such as city versus rural, factor in times of day (most folks are working or screen their calls), numerous factors that come into play... its real easy to poll a certain area to manipulate data to convince people that a “vast majority” think a certain way when in reality it was just the polling of a dense particular group of people with the same political leanings.

No different than the media using stats from a poll on NWFA about “what gun should I buy next” and the least amount of folks vote “no new gun”.. we’re all gun folks here.. so obviously we’re going to lean a certain way.. the other polls are no different.

Polling should be tossed out altogether.
I agree...However something to consider here is ....

Others , as in elected others , may place value on a given poll and act accordingly.
Politicians oddly place lots of trust in poles still. It’s kind of weird to me honestly, especially with social media being prominent in todays society. (Not that social media data can’t be manipulated and or already is) I’d think a better system would have to exist by now, but that’s likely just myself wondering why this is still how politicians gauge public opinion.

However, they are still the go to system for many politicians. They are usually highly biased based on who performs the poll or the how the poll is performed. For instance an in person poll at a shopping mall, might be fairly accurate and portray a good amount of both sides of the political spectrum. A poll performed at a liberal college, well… Then there are internet based polls, where all hell breaks loose and you have everything from Chinese Hackers to computer algorithms completing the poll.

In other words, I know politicians get bad reps, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be one.
I'm left wondering why all those who took political position by taking an oath for allegiance to our country, claiming they will preserve and defend our Constitution, then spent their careers denigrating, and ignoring it, are not at best, tried for treason, and at least, jailed for perjury, plus denied further privilege's as citizens. The word of folks without integrity may be beyond my control and nothing new but when employed by the citizens, the oath of any office should be upheld, or done away with, but certainly not be dignified in the cartoon act of ceremony.. If they were held accountable for their breech of oath, while in service, we would be closer to that perfect union, rather than farther from it.
Notice that the word "democracy" is constantly used by the left. Almost sickening. We are NOT a democracy. The US is a constitutional republic. Were we a democracy, we probably would have fallen decades ago.

As to the poll: Who was asking, who was asked, where were they and what questions? Polls are like statistics: used by rascals to impress fools. It is a fallacy to think that they reveal opinion when they are used to drive opinion.

An example of pure democracy? A KKK lynch mob.

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