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    I own a Glock 20, and two Ruger P series hammered SA/DA's. I submit that that my Glock is not nearly as safe to carry with a round in the chamber as the Rugers since there is no safety on it. Not only that, but the trigger travel to fire the Glock is much shorter than Rugers (first shot). As a result, I will never carry the Glock with a round in the chamber unless it is in my Blackhawk holster, which completely protects the trigger from accidental contact. Also the Blackhawk has a press/release latching system that prevents the Glock from being drawn until the latch is depressed.

    I have also owned a number of revolvers, all of which I have sold, since I find loaded revolvers just as unsafe as the loaded Glock Also, I can chamber a round in a Glock (or any SA) in less than a second, I cannot do this with an unloaded revolver.

    When you read about a gun "accidentally discharging" I bet you will find it is either a Glock (or other striker fired) handgun without a safety, or a loaded revolver. In fact, if you read any case in which a child is accidentally shot, I submit you will find that it is either a Glock (or striker fired handgun without a safety) or a loaded revolver.

    This is why I like the new Ruger striker fired handguns, most of them have a safety, a loaded chamber indicator, and an internal key lock. Glock has none of these features.

    I know my thoughts on this may be controversial. I invite anyone to comment without any concern for insulting me, since I am too old to be insulted anymore. :)
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    Glocks are as safe as the person using them.
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    have you considered googling if your serpa holster is safe :) cause that seams to be just as controversial
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    keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire, problem solves itself.

    Buy a good holster that will hold your gun in place and stays open when the gun is removed, so that you have one hand reholstering, goes with line one from above. A quality holster for any gun is a must.

    That Glock is no less safe than others out there, and carrying a gun without a round in a chamber is just not a good thing, why carry a gun at that point. Only way I am doing that is if I have a SAA 1st gen and a cowboy holster rig.
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    I don't see any reason to insult you, maybe on the grounds that you own a Glock :winkkiss: (Just kidding, I plan on purchasing a Glock for the wife).

    My first EDC was a Glock 23, which I carried in a Comp Tac MTac Holster. It has since been replaced by a cocked and locked Colt Government 1911. As far as "accidental discharges go, the primary thing that you will find in common, is that the person that "accidentally discharged" their firearm, probably had their finger on the trigger. When you place your finger on the trigger, it goes boom, if it doesn't, you should seriously reconsider what you carry to protect yourself.
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    No, they are not UNSAFE but they are.....

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    Carry my 23 locked and loaded. The ONLY way it will "go off" is if all (3) safeties are released.
    Our ?Safe Action?® System. Always safe and always ready. | GLOCK USA

    You have to intentionally pull the trigger to get it to fire, you can drop it as much as you want, or bump it, it will not go off. Never heard of one "accidentally" firing on its own
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    with any firearms, proper handing is the key.
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    Most people would say i am a Glock hater, but I have had several, I enjoy them, get tired of them, sell them, but I still keep coming back to them. With that being said, for extra money when I lived in Virginia, I use to teach CCW, General Firearm safety and Firearm Familiarity for new gun owners and last was a class that we developed that took people scared of guns and taught them general safety and awareness. That class was mostly women who's husbands owned firearms and were scared of the weapons, so we would try and make them comfortable with combating the mis-guided rumors and some range time. It was highly sucessful and the gun shop we worked with/for would actually have these folks leave the class and buy themselves a gun. The gun that would mostly sell was a Glock. Why? During this class, I would put a snap cap with a clean snap primer and would toss the gun on the hard ground, pull the snap cap and show that the firing pin never stuck the primer, so no accidental discharges from a gun falling on the ground.
    Perhaps most commonly, accidental discharges (sometimes called ADs by military and police personnel and referred to as negligent discharges by several armies) occur when the trigger of the firearm is deliberately pulled for a purpose other than shooting—dry-fire practice, demonstration, or function testing—but ammunition is mistakenly left in the chamber.[1] Unintentionally leaving a firearm loaded is more likely to occur when the individual handling the gun is poorly trained, and perhaps also with removable-magazine-fed firearms (as the magazine may be removed, giving an unloaded appearance even when a round remains chambered—see discussion of magazine-safeties below).

    A second common cause of accidental discharges is when the gun-handler places his finger on the trigger before he has decided to shoot. With the finger so positioned, many activities may cause the finger to compress the trigger unintentionally. For example, if one attempts to holster the firearm with finger on trigger, the holster edge will drive the finger onto the trigger, and discharge is likely. If one stumbles or struggles (with an adversary) with finger on trigger, the grasping motion of both hands will likely cause the trigger finger to compress the trigger.

    Drop safety's are on about every gun now.

    So are Glocks unsafe, Yes, if the owner allows it to be. No if it us used correctly. To say that a Glock is unsafe is to say an XD, M & P, and most all other strike fire weapons are unsafe, because most don't have a manual safety. I think and i might be wrong, but most neg. discharges occur with manual safetys due to the gun owner relying on the safety, not safe handling procedures
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    Really this again?

    Basically the same thread herel

    Short answer, no they are not unsafe, because you should always follow the 4 basic rules of firearms handling.
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    if you're counting on a safety to avoid a AD then please don't carry a firearm at all...

    so a semi with a DA trigger is ok, but a revolver is dangerous? this is news to me....

    I submit you're half right, getting shot by an UNloaded revolver can be pretty difficult.
    you bascially like the new ruger pistols because you're not confident in your ability to safely handle a firearm and compensate for that using multiudes of mechanical features instead of your good judgement.

    is what I submit to you as your problem here.
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    They are no more or no less safe then any other gun. End of story.
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    If I had to stick a Glock or any other pistol in my pocket without a decent holster, I'd keep the chamber clear. I don't care if it has safety or not because safeties can come off. I wouldn't set and forget a safety on a pistol, if I am pocket carrying it. I like not having a safety on my daily carry because one less thing to worry about. Last thing I wanna do is to have a brain fart and forget to take the safety off. I will say that it is not a good idea in my opinion to carry with an empty chamber because seconds could matter.

    So in conclusion, I carry condition 1 in a holster :)
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    Although I don't personally like them, I seriously doubt Glocks are any less safe than any other popular striker fired gun. There are probably more instances of accidents with them simply because of their popularity. They also seem to be a default choice for people who are just learning about guns, who would naturally be more prone to NDs.

    The bottom line is if you have a quality holster that covers the trigger guard and always observe rule #3 (keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target), any gun is safe to carry.
  17. Nwcid

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    I also hear that there are far more "car" accidents in a year then all other forms of transportation combined. Does that make "cars" less safe or does it mean there are more incidents because there are more out there?
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    Controversial? Nope...

    Outdated, sophomoric, uninformed, and a little sad? Absolutely.
    But not controversial.

    I postulate that every time you have an an inkling to "submit" another opinion, you first click that little red closewindowxbutton.gif in the top right hand of your screen. :)

    No amount of locks or safeties will compensate for unsafe gun handling.
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    Universal Statement for all Modern Firearms:

    Keep your booger hook off the bang switch until your sights are on a target you intend to shoot...and you will not have a ND.
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    Christ..... Dont even get me started; Firearm is only as safe blaw blaw blaw, finger off blaw blaw blaw, NEGLIGENCE blaw blaw blaw.... Why do we have to continually go through this? Guns are simple. How much more stupid do we have to make them to compensate for the stupid people? Basic firearm safety blaw blaw blaw...... You got me started....

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