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Funny how people aren’t generally aware of the fact that “the government” was involved in poisoning alcohol during prohibition that ultimately led to many people suffering (I don’t recall if it was blindness and/death or primarily one or the other, I’d have to grab a link to refresh my memory.)
Back when I was young the feds were involved in crop dusting south of the border marijuana crops using a product called Paraquat which supposedly would (1) destroy the burgeoning crops and (2) cause respiratory ailments to unwittingly stoners.

And just like alcohol, once UncleSugar figures out how legally get involved in the distribution racket, the once evil commodity becomes, majikulee legal.
I doubt Bullpups are very high on the priority list, considering they are not particularly popular among gun owners. Also, all of the "assault rifle" rules they want to impose on AR owners would undoubtedly be broad enough to cover most bullpup rifles as well.
The meet the OAL and BBL length, so I'd say BATFinks cannot do anything about it
Unless of course they "Adjust" the OAL specs for rifle caliber pistols, as they see fit. This would serve to eliminate many of those as well.
NO..they wouldn't do that...would they ?

Let's face it folks, it's 1938 and the empty box cars are coming, one at a time.
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