Arctic Ice Alaskan Series Extra Large 5 lbs

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by Nitro 54, Jul 11, 2013.

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    This is a neat new product for your high performance cooler. The test was a real world test on a week long river rafting trip. The Yeti Roughneck 125 qt. foot cooler was packed at noon on Friday and by Thursday of the following week the Artic ice pack was all used up and starting to warm. Real ice was then added to make the trip back home. 2 of the 5 lb. packs were used in the cooler along with some frozen food on top. The temperatures were in the 90's during the day while floating the river. So I would say this product performed above what I thought it would. Well worth money to keep your food from spoiling. Just passing on a great new product that works as advertised.
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    I am looking at their site and they have them listed by size, but I can't find a weight listing. I am assuming you used two of the Extra Large panels? Where did you get them and what did they cost? Anyone use their Tundra series?

    Just found their weight ratings in the FAQ's, and indeed the extra large are the 5 pounder's.

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