ar15 ?

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    do the free float hand guards Give you enought accuracy increase to justify their price., not worried about the thousants of an inch in benchrest just minute of gopher.
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    physiologically they do.

    for longer ranges it would be noticeable

    for lighter barrels yes

    tubes are designed to take the tension of the barrel from holding it seems like such a small amount considering the only place that it would have any tension would be where the front of the hand gaurd attaches to the barrel or where the strap pulls on the sight base for those who use the strap to help stabilize the rifle this may only trow it off by smallest amount but that amount grows over distance .

    but it may have sounded like i was joking by saying "physiologically they do" but that is a partial truth IMOfor rats i don't see it making much difference unless shooting 300+ yds

    tubes can be picked up for around $45

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