AR15 with mags & more 16" 1:9 twist

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by pdx8mm, May 18, 2013.

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    Clackamas Oregon

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    AR15 safe queen aero precision 16" flat top upper with SAA lower with DPMS trigger package. In new condition less then a 500 rounds fired. Magpul FED front end with two tac rails,MOE forgrip,MOE FDE pistol grip mags ammo (800rds )sling and so on. What's pictured is for trade or sale. View attachment 63474

    Looking for pocket pistol 380 Sig 238/9mm nano/Ruger LCP /SW bodyguard
    357 SW /Ruger
    Cx4 9mm carbine
    Sig p290
    AK bullpup or other nice 7.62x39
    veper 54r
    Sagia 12
    desert eagle 357/44
    also willing to take other offers too:)
    add cash as needed to make a deal.. Also can beef things up for right deal:thumbup:
    Will sell at 1,480$ obo or cash trade deal
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