AR15 W/ Extras 1500

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  1. Skids2212

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    Dont want to do this but i need money to purchase my first home.

    Im selling my AR15 asking $1500 for everything listed below

    Lower Receiver is Aero Precision of Tacoma, Wa $ 179.00
    Parts kit is DPMS included
    KNS Anti Rotation Pins $ 29.00
    Magpul B.A.D lever $ 29.00
    Magpul Miad Grip in Tan with all the extra backstraps it comes with $ 35.00
    Magpul UBR Extenable Stock in Tan $ 215.00
    Magpul Front Spring loaded back up sights $ 39.00
    Magpul Rear spring loaded backup sights $ 57.00
    Eotech 512 Holographic Optic $ 341.00
    Magpul MS3 Sling tan $ 49.00

    Upper Receiver is DPMS chambered in .223/5.56 wilde $ 399
    Barrel DPMS with a 1:9 twist rate
    Rock River Arms "tactical muzzle break" $ included
    Troy trx 9" free float quad rail $ 35.00
    Magpul Moe Front foregrip $ 19.00
    Bravo Company Gun FIghter Latch in Medium $ 44.00
    Rail is Covered in Magpul XTM covers in Tan Pack of 4 (4 packs) $ 28.00

    5 Magpul tan Pmags 3 with black ranger plates $ 14.00x5= 70.00
    3 Magpul Enhanced Bravo Company GI magazines 2 with tan Ranger plates $ 10x3 30.00
    Magpul AFG grip in Tan $ 34.00
    40 rounds of Hornadys 75gr FPD hollowpoints $ .95 per round x 40= $38
    50 rounds of Federal 55gr FMJ $ .28 per round x 50=$14
    40 rounds of American Eagle 64gr Tracers $ 1.16 per round x 40 = $67


    Comes with a CMMG .22lr Conversion kit fun for plinking $ 164
    3 .22lr CMMG magazines $ 25x3= $75
    300 rounds of .22rl federal matchgrade ammo $ 20

    Will also come with a black vtac 5.11 double rifle soft case $ 119

    subtotal $ 2015

    So you are saving savings $ 515

    like I said at the top I do not want to sell this but Im ready to buy a house and i need some money for the down payment

    best way to get a hold of me is to Text/Call me at 253 250 3251 or PM on here. My name is Brandon and Im located in Tacoma, WA

    and for the pictures
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  2. Reco

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    Very nice weapon and excellent package price.
  3. Skids2212

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    thanks for the compliment i put a lot of time and effort into this gun, but im trying to start the next chapter in my life and this has to go for now (will rebuild another in the future).

    The gun shoots real well and i have the eotech sighted for 2 inches high at 100yards using 55gr fmj and the back up sight's cowitnessed with the EOtech
  4. primewish

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  5. Schmoe

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    Sorry to ask but is this still available?

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