AR15 upper

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    Not sure of the maker but has a keyhole on upper and t marked top. It has the M4 receiver ramps but not the barrel but I have had no feeding problems. Not sure if its chrome lined or not and has less then a few hundred rounds down the pipe. $600 with 3 D&h mags.
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    AR upper forging marks

    A (splintered) = Anchor Harvey Aluminum
    AF = Alcoa Forge
    C AF = Colt Alco Forge
    C MB = Colt / Mueller Brass
    Cardinal (stylized) = Cardinal Forge
    CH = Colt Harvey Aluminum
    Circle/Crosshairs w/"AR" = ArmaLite
    CK = Colt / Kaiser Aluminum
    CM = Colt / Martin Marietta
    D (stylized) = Diemaco
    DK = Diemaco / Kaiser Aluminum
    E = Emco
    EK = EMCO/Kaiser
    E MB = EMCO/Mueller Brass
    F keyhole = FNMI / Cerro Forge
    FA = FNMI / Anchor Harvey
    FK = FNMI / Kaiser Aluminum
    FM = FN/Martin Marietta
    FMB = FNMI / Mueller Brass
    Keyhole = Cerro Forge
    L = Lewis Machine & Tool
    LK = LAR / Kaiser Aluminum
    LM = LAR / Martin Marietta
    M (under diamond) = Mueller Industries
    PA = Capco / Anchor Harvey
    PM = Capco / Martin Marietta
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