AR15: Stag model 8 w/ many extras LIKE NEW ($1200)

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    I'v got a stag arms model 8 w/ gas piston chambered in 5.56/223 rem. I have a ton of accessories for this gun so ill start out by naming all of the things that came on the gun stock. it has flip up iron battle sites, numbered acc. rails on top, muzzle break, flip cover on ejection port, 1 30 round metal magazine, and collapsible but stock. I paid $1,100.00 for the gun as i just described it and i also have all of the original paperwork, case and even the reciept. keep in mind when reading about the after market parts that are installed that i still have all of the original parts to the gun and they will go with the gun. i also still have the boxes/paperwork to 95% of the stuff im about to name.and the prices that i am naming on here are what i paid not what you will pay this is a package deal.

    1. magpul ctr collapsible butstock w/ friction lock and recoil pad- $130.00
    2. streamlight super tac c4 led flashlight 135 lumens comes with tactical gun mount as well as a belt sheath- $100.00
    3. ergo grip 10 slot 4" aluminum mounting platform w/ rediused adapter base (mounted under hand guard)- $30.00
    4. hogue monogrip- $20.00
    5. set of butler creek flip open scope covers- $20.00
    6. 2 pro mag synthetic 20 round mags.- $40.00
    7. 20 rounds (1 clip) hornady tap fpd 75 grain bullets in 223 rem.- $23.00
    8. Front end pistol grip. mounts on rail. swings forward and backwards with out tools. very heavy duty.- $50.00
    9. front end bi pod/sling mount. mounts to rail- $25.00
    10. burris P.E.R.R. scope mount specifically for ar's (top of scope mounts have 2 more 2 slot sections of rail)- $100.00
    11. field and stream 3.5-10 power scope w/ yardage adjustment- $70.00
    12. 2 j&j plastic ammo boxes for 5.56/223 100 rounds each- $8.00

    thats all of the accessories. these prices are not guesses i either have the box with the price or the receipt for the item. the buyer will get all of that. everything that i have for this gun you will get. now the guns itself is AWESOME its what iv always wanted but i have a 5 month old and times are tough. the gun has only got about 200-300 rounds through it. and obviously it is set up with just about every accessory you could ask for.

    now feel free to double check me but by my crappy math skills iv got about $616.00 in accessories and $1,100.00 in the gun itself. for a total of $1,716.00 give or take a few bucks. seeing as how i still have all the original stuff and the items themselves are pretty much new im gonna ask $1,350 obo. now dont be afraid to make offers im not one of those people that get offended by an offer. if you are interested you can call me at 541-653-7954 (mike) or you can send me an email on this site or at my person email which is, i check it all the time. here are some pictures that show as much of it as i could fit in. thanks.




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