AR15 Original Eagle Arms M4C (CAR style)

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    I have an original Eagle Arms (pre 1994) M4C aka “lost Armalite” for sale. I bought the gun new, fired it exactly 20 rounds, cleaned it, and put it away.

    The original Eagle Arms was started by Mr. Lewis who later went on to start LMT. If you know someone that has had a RDIAS for a while, ask them about the original Eagles, these were the original hard use AR’s and back in the day considered the best of the best.

    Armalite bought them and now uses the name Eagle as their budget line. During the assault weapons ban, Armalite was cleaning out the warehouse and discovered a small number “pre-ban” Eagle made rifles and sold them to the public through word-of-mouth. Many referred to them as the “lost Armalites”.

    If you go to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine (, and enter in, and click on an archive from 1998 you will notice a missing page (the URLs when 1,2,3, etc with 8 missing).

    If you enter in 8 and you will get...

    Selling to fund another project.

    Asking $1200 FTF with valid OR license.


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