things i'm looking for to trade:

AK47 Krinkov, either in SBR or pistol form
AK47 pistols
FAL or HK91
cheapo class 3 transferrable FA
beltfed semi
MSAR556 (steyr AUG clone)

i have a soft spot for SBR/FA stuff

things i have:
ATI GSG5 mp5 .22LR clone
with 2 mags. pre-H&K lawsuit, about 30 rounds through it. [$425 trade value - $380 cash sale]
winchester 30-30 lever action model 94 pre 64i put about 10 rounds through it in the last 20 years. with 40's/5-'s era leather sling ($400 cash)

AR15 Left Handed Eject Custom 20" AR15 A2 build, A2 sights, trigger job, Wilson HBAR stainless barrel 5.56 1:9 twist about 100 rounds through it. very accurate. lower receiver is Oly Arms ca 1994, upper and other parts are DPMS, Bushmaster & such. a very nice rifle. comes with 1 Magpul 30 rounder [$800 trade value - $650 cash sale] spikes tactical delta ring and gas tube.

Norinco SKS unfired, case queen. comes with 20rd norinco fixed mag, LOP buttstock extention, and AK74 style flash hider [$$250 trade value - $225 cash sale]

for those that are asking, straight cash price figure 10-15% off my 'trade' price


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