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    Hey guys, so today I pretty much finished up the prototype mock up.

    I had some difficulties when I broke the presser foot I needed to do the binding on the raw edges so it came out rough looking because I wasnt using the proper foot but made due. Also you will notice that some areas do not have binding around the edges (front of magwell and the lower seam) because I ran out of thread at the worst moment :mad:. you wont be able to see any of the stitches in its finished form. Try not to judge too harshly on the aesthetics :eek:

    The Ar Pistol Holster is designed to be carried as a leg holster or to be attached to various things via molle compatibility. Maybe mounted in your vehicle somewhere?

    The holster is cut in a way that enables you to use any optic that is mounted using the flat-top rail (Optic cut) you may want to skip the option of the full optic cut if you only plan to use only iron sights.
    You will be able to use 10-20-30 round magazines without removal when unholster/re-holstering. Also featured is a cut to avoid contact with the FA and Shell Deflector in addition to aiding in a minimalistic profile.

    A 1" nylon strap wraps around the grip to secure the pistol in place when not in use, simply unsnapping the buckles makes for easy removal of the weapon. When you are finished simply re-buckle the holster. the holster will still hold the pistol secure without the strap, but is advised to achieve optimal lock down.

    The muzzle end of the holster can be flared to accommodate hand-guard mounted accessories. Between the two muzzle options most ar pistols will fit. You could also shorten the barrel cover length for use with smaller pistols.


    The holster is constructed out of high quality fabrics in a sandwich consisting of:

    1000 Denier Cordura
    1050 Ballistic Nylon
    1/4" Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam
    1050 Ballistic Nylon
    1000 Denier Cordura


    Sunbrella Nylon Binding (I find this is less prone to snags and fraying than nylon binding)
    T92 Nylon thread (I have T100 on order)

    Once the layers are assembled they are folded over to make the holster giving you a total of 8 layers of fabric and 2 layers of foam. This makes for a very stiff feeling holster even though it is made up of soft materials. All three of the materials are water and oil resistant, obviously you cannot submerge it, but it will stand up to heavy rain. On the next models I will heat seal the seams to waterproof them. These holsters can also be made with all "mil-spec" materials although some of the specs exceed mil-spec.

    Hopefully these picture will give you guys a basic idea of what I came up with, I will take feedback and make changes before I send out the test samples.

    Here is a full view of the holster (Please excuse the Carbine I don't have my pistol build done yet)


    Here is a picture to show a holstered ar vs no holster (SW MP15 Top, Colt LE6920 Bottom)



    Here is a picture of the back of the holster:


    This shows how the pistol can slide in and out of the holster:


    Here are some pictures with a bit of info about the holster and its function:



    I decided not to attach the buckles or attachment methods until I could get some feedback fro you guys (always helpful)

    I need to include upper and lower loops for a belt and optional leg strap (imo not necessary) as well as molle nylon webbing so that it can be attached to various things including backpacks and vehicles.
    Here is a really bad paint image of my ideas, obviously the belt and molle placements can vary by amount and spacing. but here is my rough idea with a view of the back side (leg side) of the holster.


    As you can see the holster needs some cleaning up and refinement, but i beleive that it accurately displays the design concept and features. At the very least it is a prototype to get our foot in the door with AR holsters, to my knowledge and google-fu few exist.

    Once I can add the binding as well as the buckles, belt loops and molle I think holster will be a great addition to an ar pistol. Oh and also my company logo as well :) don't worry it will be small.

    The holster is very stiff and I would assume very durable (pending testing) it also holds the very snug even without the buckles or strap. I am actually fairly surprised at how little movement the gun has even with all of the cuts. If you attached this to a day pack I doubt your rifle would shift much at all. I also like that the holster doesn't at too much to the overall dimensions of the pistol making it not too bulky or difficult to store.

    I really hope you guys enjoy this because I have had a lot of fun building this. I love to find problems that nobody are solving and offer a solution.

    Best Regards,

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