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    Up for sale is an AR Pistol. 7.5" barrel, UTG PRO 4" free float tube, with an ACE pistol buffer setup.
    Here are some of the features.
    Upper- Oly A2
    Lower- Aero
    7.5" Chrome moly barrel with M4 feed ramps 1-7 twist 5.56mm
    Winter guard
    Bushmaster Bolt carrier, with an LMT MP Bolt.
    Ace Pistol buffer/stock with single point sling
    Aero LPK
    Carry handle rail gizmo
    Tasco Red dot
    Flip front sight
    A2 birdcage flash hider
    Single top rail gas block
    ANTI-walk pin on trigger
    older charging handle - works just fine.
    I am asking $650 for the whole setup. If you just want the upper, and pistol buffer(less the lower), $500, with an LPK $550.
    If you want an M4 flat top upper instead of the A2, add $50. I can swap that out for you while you wait :thumbup:

    I have run about 3-400 rounds through it, and the only problem I had with it was when the barrel was brand new, and I ran some lacquer coated .223 through it, and had a stuck case. I removed it, cleaned it, and it has ran fine since. It's great fun at the range, as anyone with one will attest to. Louder than your standard carbine AR. Flames are great too. Surprisingly low recoil and very easy to keep on target, unlike it's AK counter part. Always cleaned after shooting, and in good to very good condition.
    There are some use/handling marks, but it's not a new gun.
    Oregon sales only, unless you want to do all the FFL dealings. In other words, you pay, I drop off, deal done.
    If no lower will ship.
    Please PM if you have any questions.

    Here are the pics link. Warning. Big pics :laugh:

    AR Pistol pictures by gshadoan - Photobucket

    I will add a couple pics here is case you might be having trouble....

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