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    All prices are shipped. Paypal (gift) or PMO.

    1. YHM 5.56 break $25
    2 GG&G Sling adapter $25
    3. Stock Set: Magpul MOE handguard set with a couple rails mounted, MOE Grip (FDE), GI colapsable (Not Magpul) butt stcck and Magpul Vertical grip (FDE). NOTE the handguard and butt stock are painted FDE but started life black. $ 50
    4. YHM 556 riser $15
    5. UTG riser (2 of these) $20 for both
    6. KAC light mount $Sold
    7. Rifle length hand guards and stock pistol grip (forgot what it came off of and no bolt) $20

    Send me your e-mail address for pics and please don't send low ball offers as I won't respond. Please read the info on stock set carefully some of it is painted

    Trade interests:
    Magpul CTR black
    Magpul AFG black
    Vickers sling
    Magpul RSA
    Red dot say Primary Arms etc..

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