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    I have a red dot optic that I'm trying to mount on my AR. Basically, I need a 1/2 riser to get my optic to a proper height to cowitness with my iron sights.

    The ones I have seen are the proper height, but they're usually too short or way too long. I need my riser to be 2" long, or as close to it as possible.

    The optic that I am trying to use is a Truglo Tru Point open red dot sight...

    Due to its size, its propably not the most ideal red dot to use as a primary optic, but I picked it up unused for quite cheap, and I figure I'll try to implement it until I can invest in something really nice.

    The reason I am trying to elevate the red dot is, its quite a small optic. This picture makes it look larger than it is, but its length is 2", so you can imagine, its only roughly 1" in overall height... if not slightly less.

    Currently, I have a quick release front and rear iron sights that are sitting on a flat top rail, and ideally, I'd like to swap out the rear for a flip down unit. I don't mind having the front sight in place while trying to use the red dot, but I'd like to be able to drop the rear out of the way.

    Any help is appreciated.

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