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    The following AR15 magazines are for sale. Prices listed are per magazine. Add $7 to total for shipping. Payment by USPS money order or add 4% for online payment. First "I'll take it" posted gets it. PM me with questions.

    1. (3) Colt factory 20 round mags. Metal follower. Very good condition. $12 Sold and shipped

    2. (6) C-Products 30 round mags new in wrap. Green USGI follower. $11

    3. (2) Colt factory 30 round mags. Green USGI follower. $12

    4. (5) LaBelle 30 rounds mags. Like new. Original Magpul installed, unobtainable ORANGE magpul follower installed. $18

    5. (3) Circle K 30 round mags. Green USGI follower. $10

    6. (6) Circle K 30 rounds mags. All have ORANGE magpul follower installed. Take $1 off the one without the Magpul. $15

    7. (6) Various or unknown maker 30 round mags. 1 is Brownells, the others have C-Products floorplates which have been added after the fact. Green USGI follower. $8
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    I will take these...

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