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    AR mags (2).jpg I went through my mag drawer and plucked out a mixed bag of "user" mags. A couple are brand new a few are lightly used a couple have seen a bunch of shooting and one is even rusty. What you see in the pics is what you get.

    Want a screaming deal and need an 870 barrel, I have one posted on here for sale if you buy the barrel you get the mags for $old.

    If you want just the mags $old for the lot.

    Wont break it up it is buy em all FTF or ship on your dime.

    Will trade if you have something I need.
    Outdoor knives
    .22lr AR mags
    870 side saddle (quality pls)

    AR mags (1).jpg

    AR mags (1).jpg

    AR mags (2).jpg

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