AR Mags + VFG for plinker rifle..still here

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  1. .45's and .38's

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    I would like to trade these for a cheap plinker pistol or rifle + a small amount of cash from me.
    .22 caliber auto or revolver. Something cheap that works...Most of the time. :bluelaugh::laugh:
    25 caliber pistol......Im also Interested in a High Point .380 or 9mm Pistol
    .22 LR semi Auto rifle
    Mosin Nagant Rifle chambered in 7.62x54R or others.
    Any other cheap plinkers that you have & I didnt mention...Let Me know

    KAC prototype Vertical Front Grip .This is not a airsoft "knock off" this is a rock solid grip that works great on my AR. I purchased this grip from another member on the forum & he bought it from a gunstore. twist lock on the bottom to tighten the VFG. This grip works great

    (6) 30rd .223/5.56 curved aluminum magazine's for AR15/M16 Rifles. only 1 has wear on the follower. the others are just scratched on the outside (not that bad) green followers

    PM For Fastest Response
    F2F in the gresham/happy valley/portland area
    Bill of Sale for the Firearm I would be Receiving

  2. joemike67

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    how much for the 6 30rd mags
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