Ar Mags and 160 rounds

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    .223 Ammo- 6 boxes of Herters, 1 box of Wolf and 1 box of Corbon HP's. All boxes are 55gr.

    Two aluminum 30 round AR mags from Kesselrings and two Magpul Followers to go with them.

    I paid a little more than $120 for all of it so $120 Obo. is all I'm looking to get, got into a bind and had to sell my AR.

    I also have 1000 Winchester small rifle primers and a few hundred pieces of brass I could part with for $50

    I'd also be interested in trading all of it plus some cash for a 10/22, Marlin 336 in 30/30, .308/7.62 Enfield(sporterized is fine) a Makarov or medium frame .357. Might trade straight up for a Mosin.
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