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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by OEDub, Feb 4, 2010.

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    So...I am set on getting a Stag upper since I shoot left handed, but I was wondering what your opinions were on a good lower for the Stag? Should I just stick w/ Stag on both ends? I would like to get a MULTI cal lower. I was leaning towards Spikes or RRA. What are your reccomendations for a lower that would work well with the Stag upper?

    (I would like to purchase a complete lower & then work on building on a stripped platform after I get acquainted w/ the AR system leter in the completes are what I'm looking for.)

    Thanks! :thumbup:
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    What I take from this is that you plan on buying a Stag upper because they can be purchased in a left-hand configuration. I also shoot left handed and was planning on buying/building a left-handed AR. I have since decided against it purely for the reason that I personally have no issues with a "normal" AR while firing from the left side, also, left-handed parts are a little harder to come by and/or replace if needed.

    By all means, buy what you want, I just thought you might benefit from these thoughts.
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    And you can get ambi controls for mag release and safety. Bolt release would be the main issue. The ARs I have shot (M4 config) all throw brass at about 4 o'clock so I don't think it would be hitting your face.

    If you want it because it is special for lefties then go for the Stag. But if you want something that will be easier to resell should you decide to down the road then you can likely get by with a righty and add the ambi controls.

    Any good quality lower is fine for the Stag. The lower is no nearly as important, or should I say variable, as the uppers. DPMS, RRA, Stag, etc. are all good. Stag is a good value so if you can find one I would stick with that. Some makes have slightly different shade of black than others. My DPMS lowers perfectly match my LMT uppers.

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