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Do they not proofread news stories before they are posted/published?

When they heard the CUMMINGS were laying on the couch watching a movie?

So they go from Salyers and Cummings as being two different people to the 'THE CUMMINGS' were laying on the couch? As though they are married ?

I realize this is trivial however I read a LOT of news stories and I seem to find a lot of similar dissuasive verbiage in the stories as well.

Makes it hard to take facts as facts because you don't really know where the errors end. If I did my job with as many mistakes, I'd be lookin' for a new one....
1) The most amazing things about this is that they went after a cop for doing something stupid.
2) He just did what POTUS wannabe Droolin' Joe said he should: shoot 'em through the door.
3) At least this cretin won't be packing a gun with carte blanche over life and death any more.


Over three decades, among the good candidates, I also witnessed a litany of men and women who should never have carried badge and gun. The screening process did not catch them. Most failed due to self-control issues and a few, when confronted, could not tell the truth.

The suspect officer in this case reveals a distinct lack of maturity and a willingness to be lead by emotion. Further investigation will reveal what is now hidden and the story can only get worse.

Remember Miami and Los Angeles during the 1980s hiring frenzy? They picked up robbers, thieves, gangsters and murderers. With the current mass exodus of retiring and resigning officers, we are sadly due for a re-run of this tragedy.
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