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not certain but looks like the front site mounts to the gas block and the rear to a standard picatinny--don't own my AR anymore and never got around to using them so i could not say for sure


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I would put my money on that as well, the front looks alot higher then the rear

I had this problem when selecting a front sight to go on my flat top M4. I ended up going through three sets, because the first two were meant to be mounted on the gas block picatinny rail when the GBPR is LOWER than the upper reciever picatinny rail is. If the gas block picatinny rail is flush with the upper reciever picatinny rail (IE, the same height) you need a "plain level" front sight assembly, that way the front and rear sights align correctly. Looking at that front sight assembly hes got on sale I can say that that is the first brand I tried to put on my M4, but was too high because my gas block was level with my upper reciever rail, so to make that sight set work, you would need an AR with the lowered GBPR. I really hope this helps!
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