AR-15 Varmint Recommendations

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by luvmystang67, Mar 19, 2010.

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    Looking to buy an AR-15 varmint style gun. Been looking at the Bushmaster varmint series. They have the shorter barreled Predator series with a 20" chrome moly barrel. It comes with a 1 in 8" twist. They also have the Varminter with either stainless barrel or chrome moly with a 24" barrel at 1 in 9" twist. I plan to be doing some varmint hunting and some predator hunting. Rabbits and prairie dog sized critters on up to foxes and coyotes. Don't know what size bullets i'd use. I'd imagine 55 to 60 grainers, but open to suggestions. Want to be able to shoot long range if possible. Also having a hard time deciding on a good scope. Don't have a lot left budgeted for that part, but am looking for advice. For the same money i could get a cheaper Bushnell at 6-18X40 or 50 mm, or for the same money just get a 3-9x40mm leupold. I'm leaning towards the leupold, but looking for suggestions. Any help or input you got would be great. Am open to other brands an things as well. Right now cabelas has them new for $1150 before taxes and such, then would have to spend bout 300 on a scope and 100 on a bipod. Good deal at all?

    Thanks in advance.
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    JUST bought the Rock River Predator Pursuit this week in the 16" config. Has the medium heavy barrel, not the full bull barrel. It is sweet. Going shooting this weekend. It has the .223 Wylde chamber, which supposedly helps with accuracy. I went with the shorter barrel because it saves about a half pound and should balance better.

    I looked at Bushmaster, Armalite, DPMS etc., but I really liked the RRA options. Personal preference I guess. Here's the link:

    Good luck!
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    I've been doing the same kind of research, but don't have any direct experience. IMO:

    * If decide not to build the upper myself, I'd also go with RRA.
    * About twist rates:
    1/8 works best with 67 - 75 gr bullets
    1/9 works best with 55 - 62gr
    * I have a 5.56 NATO chambered, 1/7 twist rifle. Lighter/faster bullets tend to fly off target. Too fast is not good. Don't take it lightly.
    * If you pick, say, 20" and 1/8 twist, you have a good chance to develop a very accurate load for 77gr or even 80gr (not mag lenz) that should clock between 2750 and 2850fps (YMMV).
    * Pick bbl length and twist optimized for the kind of shooting you will find yourself doing and enjoying the most.

    My $0.022 (adjusted for inflation)
  4. Deavis

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    I own a Bushmaster Vmatch 20" 1:9...about 10 years old. I only shoot 55 grain .223. I scoped it, threaded it and put a free float MI rail on it. Best group was .75 inches - 5 rounds.... 200 yards. Drops on the Burris Ballistic plex for 100 200 300 400 are right on plus or minus one inch and its really cool to shoot and hit stuff at 400 with a .223 .....yotes non moving and no wind at 400 would be cake.....Sage rats to 200 are boring.... but bring lots of ammo :)

    I dont know if the VMatch is that good (doubtful) or I just got lucky (probably)..... either way, I am very happy.
  5. doobee8

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    I have the 20" Bushmaster SUPER V-match. It came with a fluted 1:9 chrome-lined barrel, free floating handgaurd, Palm shelf PSG-1-style grip, and Bushmaster Two-stage adjustable trigger. Very accurate right out of the box. I get 100yd 0.49" 5-shot groups with 69gr nosler HPBT over 22 grains of H335, GMM primers, and federal cases. It "opens up" to 0.64" @ 200yds. It also shoots 50 and 55grain Ballistic tips very well too. I have killed one coyote so far with it. If I had to do it over again I'd have gotten the 16" version for its compactness.

    Scopes. 3-9x40mm are great if your distanced are NOT ultra long. Try thinking about the Burris Fullfield tactical line, Tac30, and the plain ol' Fullfield II with the ballistiplex. I use Nikon on my Bushy. I like the finger adjustable knobs on the newer buckmasters 3-9x40mm scopes. The new models have turrets are graduated to see how many revolutions you've turned it. That's like haveing a target 3-9x40mm for a standard hunter scope price. I use the 4.5-14x40mm Nikon Buckmaster with adjustable objective and I love this scope. It's got 50MOA of elevation adjustment to it. Very clear scope. Nikon and Burris Glass transmit light better than leupolds for the same money. They are both a bit better value for the money. If you love leupold great but keep your options open.
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    Another vote for the Bushy V Match,mine is a 1-9 20" SS and has been impressive with 55-62Gr handloads.
    Swapped the A2 for an Ace stock,makes a nice combo with the a good cheek weld.
    In the process of building another varmint rifle from parts,should be into it for less than $500 minus optics,hope it shoots as well as the Bushy.

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